Wednesday, September 6, 2017

September Update

I have no kept my word about updating this blog as much as I had promised, but it's only because I've been working on so many other creative ventures!

1. I have had a blog post accepted on the BlckLst's blog of Essential Rock n Roll films.

2. The Indy Review is still going strong with interviews, reviews and recommendations for all types of music.

3. I am writing the 7th story for my next collection of shorts.

4. I am developing a script with my friend Tyler Werrin for us to co-author.

5. I am writing a script with my wife.

6. I just finished an original piece of artwork for my sister's upcoming food blog. I'll premiere the piece when her blog goes live.

7. While going through some of my old saved artwork from junior high, I found a piece I liked that had gone unfinished, and am finally finishing it!

8. I've been revising my pilot The Beaten Path and my short The End Walks.

9. I've had a story pitch for Popularium accepted, and need to finish the final draft over the next couple weeks. I'm getting paid for this one!

On top of all this I've still been job hunting and doing volunteer work. In one of my previous posts I discussed stretching oneself too thin, and I have definitely fallen victim to that. I'm enjoying being busy, but I'll be working on whittling down my number of projects, especially as I have also signed up for a Drawing & Composition course at Otis College of Art and Design, as a prerequisite for taking a storyboarding class next semester.

God help me if I finally get a full-time job.